Learning Solutions

thought-of-everythingDo you have a learning need? We can help you craft a solution that engages your learners and meets your objectives. Based on your goals, talents, technologies and budget, we put together a strategic plan to achieve the best learning results for you.

We start with a research and dialogue process with your subject matter experts that helps us fully understand the needs of your organization or business and your learners. We work with you to set clear course objectives and then capture your key information, organize it and present it in the most clear and engaging way possible, following adult learning theory and best practices for delivering elearning content.

Then we construct the visual storyboard which includes all the graphic elements along with explanations of the interactivity, simulations and animations that will be included. This is done collaboratively to ensure that you have a good sense of the look and feel prior to the build of the system itself.

Once the storyboard is approved, we proceed with building your course content using standard technologies that suit your learners and their bandwidth limitations. When the course is approved, we work with you to install it on a SCORM or AICC compliant LMS.

Once the learning platform is in action, we help with ongoing analysis and refinement in response to the users and the objectives we set up at the beginning of the process. We can help you gather information and evaluate the course performance to ensure that you’re getting the best out of your course.

Good eLearning stands the test of time both from a content and a technology point of view. Essentially, we help you create the content and make it dance.

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