Change management

By on Feb 18, 2014

We used all the rich media resources at hand to create an asynchronous eLearning module to wade through the complexity of a new Child Protection strategy. This is being used to bring new staff on board and to orient existing staff to the new strategy and policies.

We created the sub-branding to fit within the organization’s overall brand standards and then crafted graphics to convey the key messaging so that words are reinforced by images, animation and by the spoken word. We captured the strategy director on video to provide the rally call at the beginning and the closing words. We added in some interactivity and quizzing to keep the learners engaged throughout.

To make it all easy on the ears, we engaged professional English speaking voice talent from India to add international flare, and set it all within a colourful background of world music.

And—because we couldn’t possibly include all of the information in this format—we provided knowledge management solutions so people would know where to find further information when they need it.

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From the client:

Ellen developed an innovative set of e-learning modules on our new child protection standards and policies. She coordinated with numerous stakeholders, identified creative approaches and solutions to challenges, and developed products that were better than I could have imagined. I highly recommend her for tough challenges.