Partnering basics

By on Feb 19, 2014

The local partnering group at World Vision International commissioned eCurious to develop a Partnering Basics module for staff to go through prior to attending a workshop.

The module was created around a well-developed case study using engaging graphics and intuitive navigation.

Custom-built interactions based on the learning objectives for the project take learners through scenarios that ground the principles and terminology in real-world situations.

Because it has a global audience, we used plain language for learners whose mother tongue is not English, and designed the module to make it easy to switch out content for translations down the road.

We also crafted a certificate that can be customised with the learner’s name and printed out. This provides evidence of course completion for workshop attendance.

We’d love to partner with you on your next elearning project.

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From the client:

Thank you so much for the great first elearning module for local partnering. Our testers have really liked the inter-weaving of the content with the elearning possibilities, and are ensuring that their colleagues use it too. Designing with you has been a good experience as you worked hard to understand the learning objectives, and then used your expertise to maximise the Articulate platform to give a really good adult learning process. I look forward to the next opportunity!